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Serving Northern Illinois - Cook, Lake & McHenry Counties

     Price Comparisons in Lake County-Illinois

Compare Prices in Lake County because... "The Difference is in the Details"
Miranda Funeral Services Provides Funerals & Cremations for much less than all other Lake County area Funeral Homes.

Direct Cremation Price at another Waukegan, Illinois Funeral Home - $2,250.00 plus $250 Crematory Fee. You save $750 with Miranda Funeral Services.

Traditional Funeral & Cremation Price at another Lake County, Illinois Funeral Home - $6,000.00.    You save over $3,000.00 with Miranda Funeral Services.

20 Guage Steel Casket & Delphi Vault with Traditional Funeral Service and all cash advances at other area Funeral Homes - $11,000.00. You save over $4,000.00 with Miranda Funeral Services.

These Funeral prices were verified by actual General Price Lists, and customer's showing us actual competitor funeral contracts.

"We Offer the Best Pricing Always"
Most funeral homes are very expensive and may have what they call a "match guarantee policy." If you go to their funeral home and choose a funeral which costs $8,700, that's the price you own and are going to pay. Most people do not compare prices prior to needing a funeral services because of the emotional burden and time limitations.

But what if you knew that you could have the same exact funeral for thousands of dollars less from Miranda Funeral Services. If you mention to our competitors about our prices and they had a "match price guarantee," they probably would say to you:

Reluctantly, or matter of fact like..."We will match their prices. If you show us an apples to apples comparison and "you can prove that the price is real or give us something to us in writing", we will match their price. You know their quality and service is not going to be the same as us because we are great and they are..."

At the end of the day they may match our price or let you walk. If they matched our pricing you may be the only person that month to get that price break - in the future your family, friends, and community are paying their everyday high prices and your circle of loved ones will go there by your referral by endorsement. Most people you know, will trust that if it was good enough for you, it should be good enough for them . Remember, they may not be as lucky as you and get special pricing.

"Funeral Service is a Calling and We Believe in Honest Fair Play"
We say God Bless anyone who can afford to pay higher prices, without having to think about it. However, this is not the situation for most people. We feel a responsibility to the community and we don't think that type of policy is honest or fair and it does not help the community.

Why does Human Dignity have to be out reach for some people?
 A funeral is costly and for most people it is a heavy financial burden. Is it fair for someone else, to keep this reality a secret and get a better price or a deal just because they knew they could get a better price from us? How does this situation make you feel about most funeral homes that have a policy like this? Who can you trust to care for your loved one?

Our policy is fair to all families.
We do not cater to popular opinion or business projections or models, We simply want to serve our families to the best of our abilities. We are blessed everyday with the joy and humility of serving a higher purpose. We are fully enriched and satisfied at the end of a day when we provided an honest days work without regret. 

The golden rule..."Treat others as you would want to be treated."

Miranda Funeral Services
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